Monday, October 3, 2016

Action in Ohio

In August, I made the pleasant drive down to the Lehman Gaming Emporium in the wilds of Ohio to spend a couple of days of gastric over-indulgence and many laughs over the gaming table. Bob and Matt are great hosts and Bob is able to host games in his hobby-shop-like basement grotto. I'm not sure I've ever laughed so much gaming as I did that weekend.

First game up was one of L'Art de la Guerre featuring Mongols and Teutonic Knights. These rules (which I've subsequently ordered) are highly reminiscent of Armati, a set that provided me many hours of enjoyment in the distant past. The armies are beautifully painted, the Teutonics by Bob and the Mongols I believe were bought by Matt at Historicon(?). Some shots of the game:

The second game saw my ImagiNation armies wander about the table but of this I seem to have lost all photographic evidence. No matter... it was a great weekend and looking forward to the next.

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