Saturday, April 15, 2017

We will build a town...

My recent trips to Cold Wars and HotLead saw a haul of North American buildings suitable for the War of 1812. Since I've been in a bit of figure-painting lull, I've instead been beavering away at these and recently finished enough to put together a small photo shoot at Casa del Trenton. Now I just need to get in gear for painting the Anglo-Canadian force for Sharp Practice 2.

L-R: Perry Miniatures farmhouse; scratch-built cottage; Renedra fences; Sarissa church.

Surprisingly, the Renedra fencing took more time than anticipated. The posts weren't the best and I had to fashion several new ones from balsa. The end result is quite nice though.

Old Glory early war US regulars marching past the Sarissa church. This was a pleasure to build and is an impressive model (but more of this anon).

L-R: Old Glory storehouse/barracks; scratch-built two-story house; Renedra barn.

Pennsylvania militia riflemen occupy the farmyard. The Renedra barn is a lovely little model, easy to build and paint.

A better view of the Sarissa church. I was unhappy with the roof (because of the anchoring tabs showing so glaringly) so decided to fashion a new one. This was a relatively simple but lengthy process of scored balsa sheets (the steeple fittings were particularly fiddly). The most difficult part was achieving the weathered wood look. After some discussion with various members of the non -wargaming crowd, i settled on a brown base coat, followed by successive drybrushings of greys, and finally a wash of sepia. Quite pleased with the result I am.

A view of the Old Glory blockhouse. Not sure how often this will be used in a game but when it does make an appearance, it'll be fun! Just need a wooden palisade to go with it.


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