Monday, August 28, 2017

HoytCon 2017

The relatively new family tradition of HoytCon moved this year from the wilds of New Brunswick to the civilization that is Upper Canada. Captain Dan drove in from CFB Gagetown to the all-too-familiar environs of CFB Trenton and the world-famous and eminently-welcoming Trenton Gaming Emporium. Michael hosted a fine weekend of gaming, with seven games stretching from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. It was quite an undertaking as a host and as a participant, I was too exhausted by Sunday morning to take part in either of the Sunday games (although the afternoon funny spacey thing game wasn't in my sights anyway). Many kudos for Michael for putting this together!

You can see the game schedule here: link

6mm Cold War: East Germans v US National Guard, using Battle Captains rules.
Our host is unsure whether we should start drinking or not.

The brothers contemplating their world-conquering strategies.

28mm WWII: Soviets v German Panzer Grenadiers, using Chain of Command rules. The libations have begun (obviously) in the form of banana schnapps (yes, that's right... no self-respecting German NCO would be caught dead in the field without banana schnapps!)

28mm ImagiNations: Gourmandie and Libagioni v KaiserReich, using Black Powder rules.

A view along the Gourmandie lines.

And the corresponding KaiserReich deployment.

Libagioni troops hold the town. 

Clash of the infantry lines, KaiserReich in the foreground, facing the thin red lines of Gourmandie.

The Gourmandie grenadiers turn the KaiserReich flank, supported by the guard battalions (brand new and as yet un-blooded).


  1. Thanks - enjoyed those tables.

  2. I linked to your son's blog...all I can say is Wow, what a great weekend.