Saturday, October 28, 2017

Finally, a start on my 2017 plans...

Back at the turn of 2016/2017, I outlined a plan to start on a French Napoleonic army for Sharp Practice. I had taken advantage of a couple of sales at Warlord Games to add to my lead/plastic pile, giving myself enough figures for a sizeable force. But as with most well-laid hobby plans, other shiny stuff caught my eye. Thus, it's taken me until late 2017 to start on my January plans. This can be largely attributed to a recent French v British Sharp Practice game hosted by Vidal few weeks ago. He knows full well what he's doing when he flashes shiny toys in front of me. Many times in the past he's incentivized my hobby... should we talk about the Carlist Wars?

So, some shots from the painting desk....

French Légère, elite company (carabiners)
(Warlord Games, plastic)

Addition of the first company (chasseurs) with green shako discs.
(Warlord Games, plastic)

And a further addition of the voltigeur company.
(Warlord Games, metal)

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