Thursday, November 9, 2017

Chasseurs à Cheval - elite company

As a break from French infantry, I pulled some lovely Front Rank miniatures from the lead mountain and got to work.  This unit represents the elite company of the 9e Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval, with their peculiar orange/pink facings. Although I find painting cavalry a hard slog, as soon as I had started these figures, I jumped onto the Front Rank site and immediately ordered enough figures for another 8-figure standard company/squadron of chasseurs to go with these first figures. They have already arrived (in less than 10 days, order to delivery, UK to Canada!) and have entered the prep and priming stage. This will give me two light cavalry groups (+ two Big Men) for our Sharp Practice games.

 I realize some may say the green used is not dark enough but I paint for the 3+ foot viewing rule. From a distance, the colours darken; thus the lighter tones from a closer perspective.

Elite company officer, awaiting some grass tufts for the base to tart 'im up!

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  1. Very nice work! Chasseurs à Cheval are my favorite Napoleonic cavalry, and the Front Rank figures paint up extremely well.

    I couldn't resist starting with the 7e Regt. with their pink facings, but have a regiment wearing the orange-salmon "aurore" facings in the pipeline.