Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Xmas & Birthday Pressies for Offspring #1

Michael's birthday falls perilously close to Xmas and I was determined this year not to have  it subsumed into Xmas or worse... miss it! Thus, while I was preparing his pressies I wanted to be sure his birthday gift was the most prominent. This year, he's been collecting 28mm WWII Soviets to face his PanzerGrenadiers and I thought we might need some terrain to fight over.

First up, some 4Ground Russian cottages with new roofs...

And a resin barn from Old Glory...

And the coup de grace Birthday present (33 years old, if anyone's counting)...

The basic building is a resin cottage from Old Glory onto which I've scratch-built a steeple from card and balsa. I topped it off with a wooden drawer knob from Home Depot.

The shed extension is also a resin piece from Old Glory, meant to be a separate outbuilding.
A small shrine made from balsa and card.

The steeple was topped with a Russian cross made from balsa.

The whole collection!
Tucked in there are four small Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 plastic kits picked up off of Amazon for mere pennies. Although nominally 1/72 scale, they fit quite nicely as small workers' cottages.


  1. What an absolutely marvellous gift, the draw knob idea is wonderful. I spent yesterday afternoon wandering around shops looking to do a bit of 're-purposing'.

  2. Very nice terrain. Love the church. Well done.