Friday, March 16, 2018

First post-move additions

Having completed the recent move and set up the new (old) painting desk, I went straight to work on some outstanding additions.

First up are some Big Men and characters for my Sharp Practice 2 French force...

Two Big Men from Warlord Games that can be used with either my Young Guard or infanterie légère units, although mainly intended for the former. I particularity like the officer with his arm in a sling. The standard bearer (also for the infanterie légère ) is from Warlord Games and the drummer from Front Rank.

I've also made a start on a new ImagiNations unit for Mel's unknown nation, testing the colour combinations and basing scheme...

These figures are from the lovely Front Rank WSS collection. They are quite a joy to paint, mainly because of the exaggerated folds and depth of the sculpting. For some, they are too bulky but I'm firmly in the camp of amplified features. And what can be better than the layers of curls on the officer's wig? Another 16 figures to go to complete this unit.