Saturday, April 14, 2018

Recent games

Besides prosecuting the Sharp Practice campaign with Vidal, I recently made the trip to the Trenton Gaming Emporium where Michael and I had an enjoyable weekend to ourselves to play a few games.

Rather than a lengthy game report for each, I've added a selection of photos from each (that's an easy excuse for not having the mental capacity to recall all of the in-game events). It might become apparent that the terrain looks remarkably similar in all three games. In fact, we kept the table mostly the same and only swapped out buildings as appropriate.

First up on the Friday evening, we pulled out the Americans and Panzer Grenadiers for some Chain of Command goodness...

A small sleepy French village.

Panzer Grenadiers!

GIs occupy the church.

On Saturday morning, we swapped out the buildings for Michael's new Eastern Front goodies...

A sleepy Russian village...

Soviet infantry begin to occupy the village. 

The little-used Italian infantry clash with their Russian foes. Also seen here is an Italian flamethrower tankette, which performed sterling service in the game.

A Russian T70 races toward the village.

Saturday afternoon we again altered the table for a Sharp Practice game with our ImagiNation forces... this time Gourmandie v KaiserReich...

A sleepy Gourmandie village...

KaiserReich light troops deploy to harass the enemy.

KaiserReich artillery and cavalry look over the village.

Gourmandie grenadiers deploy to defend their homeland.

A column of Gourmandie infantry move toward the redoubt (yes... another set of breastworks... they are fast becoming the bane of my gaming existence). 

KaiserReich infantry slide up to the village, unbeknownst to the defenders.

Gourmandie infantry see off an ill-fated cavalry charge on the redoubt.

KaiserReich infantry enter the village centre and capture the Gourmandie Deployment Point. KaiserReich victory!