Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sharp Practice 2: other recent additions

I realized I had completed a couple of new units without posting pictures. First up is a a unit for the War of 1812 collection, the 7th New York Dragoons. For these, I used the Perry Miniatures plastic British dragoons box... and mightily sad that I did. I have no issues with the quality of the miniatures... just with the material of manufacture. I thought I had gotten over my dislike of working with plastic figures... but sadly, no. Oddly, having built and painted these figures, I immediately used a second box of the figures to create a British Light Dragoon unit. By the time I had finished assembling the figures (again, quite lovely sculpts they are), I had become so frustrated that I swivelled my chair to my laptop and immediately ordered the same figures in metal from Perry Miniatures. Crazy, I know!

The bases have been completed since but I'm far too lazy today to re-shoot the pics. There are some uniform irregularities that I couldn't (or more accurately, wouldn't) resolve, such as the shape of the cuffs and the shape and setup of the horse furniture but I'm fairly easy to please in these matters.

Second up are some Portuguese cacadores from Warlord Games. I added these into a recent order as an addition to my British Sharp Practice force, so that I can field support options for North America or the Spanish Peninsula.

Again, too lazy to take better photos. These are lovely little figures and were a joy to paint.

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