Tuesday, September 3, 2019

War of 1812: Maryland militia riflemen

I have in mind to build up some Sharp Practice forces for the Chesapeake raids and skirmishes in 1814/1813 to add to my War of 1812 collection. To this end, I have ordered and received some Old Glory British Marines and Maryland militia (with their distinctive shako turbans). But first up on the agenda are some Maryland militia rifles for which I've used some left-over US regular rifle figures. They are quite similar to the US rifle regiments  (well, close enough for me) except with red fringes on their green hunting shirts and white plumes (or feathers, depending on the source). 

The officer figure's uniform is pure speculation on my part. In all of my extensive sources (and on the interwebs), I could find no specifics for militia rifle officers. I've also added a musician who could double as an extra Big Man, if required.

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