Thursday, May 21, 2020

FIW: Phase 1 complete

While trying to avoid the exclamation that "this project is complete", I have slightly amended my plans for the new FIW collection. No project is ever complete, there is always something else to add. But in this case, I have completed all the figures I have on hand or have recently ordered and thus, Phase 1 is complete! Phase 2 will take off later in the year hopefully, as the Brigade Games FIW Kickstarter is planned to ship in September. But for now, the latest order from Northstar has been painted and added to the collection.

French fusiliers and grenadiers from regiment La Sarre.
Crusader Miniatures & GMB flag.
These were painted mainly with GW contrast paints. I'm particularly sold on Apothecary White. I've never felt comfortable painting white uniforms until now... at least it's not a burden for me anymore.

Phase 1 French force. 
Mixed in there is another Indian unit of six figures and a leader from the latest Northstar order.

Phase 1 British force.
The latest Northstar order included six more rangers. I'll run this unit as Provincial Rangers as opposed to the two units of Colonial Rangers.

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