Wednesday, June 17, 2020

ImagiNations: Hussards Poitou

I decided on the weekend that there has been too much attention the last couple of years on building armies for Nordstrum (for Michael) and Gaelia (for Mel), so back to the better army, Le Grand-Duché de Gourmandie. I delved into the box o' shame and found some Crusader Miniature hussars that were part of a large order I made from Old Glory before their distribution agreement with Crusader was ended (maybe five... six years ago?). At the time, I realized I'd never get such a deal again (40% discount with the OG Army card) and I put in a huge order ($700-800ish, after the discount). My foresight has, I suppose, come to fruition. The only problem was the horses. While I had enough left over for this unit, they had been through a failed priming episode sometime in the last few years (the less said the better). Thus, they were subjected to a Simple Green bath and vigorous brushing. This removed 90% of the paint but left a filmy coating on the figures. A lengthy bath in vinegar and scrubbing with detergent afterward seemed to do the trick. All this extra work had these figures toppling on the edge of my patience and they just barely made it on to the positive side of the cost-benefit  analysis.

Les Hussards Poitou (Crusader Miniatures)
Raised and paid for personally by Arch-Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou.

Arch-Bishop Ambroise de Chabichou du Poitou.
His Eminence has a special rule in Black Powder: Clergy - May attempt to rally one unit per turn within 12" (and outside 12" from the enemy); OR re-roll one Break Test if unit within 12"


  1. Fine brushwork! I love the strong colors of the Bishop!

  2. Thank you sir! But I can't take credit for the arch-bishop's painting... that was a long-ago gift from a friend :)