Thursday, June 4, 2009

28mm Napoleonics

Unusually for a week night, I was able to squeeze in a game of Napoleonics. My eldest son is home from university and since he's an avid gamer we decided to throw some figures on the table. We opted for a French v. British bash since Michael had yet to play with a number of my new British units. We decided on a fairly even contest, just so we could push some lead around the table. It was tempting (as it it always is) to field some of the French guard but I refrained.

The French right wing advancing in perfect order (this would not last for very long, I'm afraid).

French Army

CinC: d12 + superior deck

1er Brigade
1/3e de Ligne
2/3e de Ligne
3/3e de Ligne
1/39e de Ligne
1/2e Légère
1/2e Légère
légère (sk)
Artillerie à Pied (6lb)

2e Brigade
1/13e de Ligne
2/13e de Ligne
3/13e de Ligne
Régiment Irlandais
1/2e Régiment Suisse
2/2e Régiment Suisse
légère (sk)
Artillerie à Pied (6lb)

3e Brigade
13e Dragons
2e Dragons
20e Dragons

4e Brigade
5e Chasseurs à Cheval
4e de Hussards

The British Fusiliers pressing hard on the French left. The French have retreated to the cover of a stone wall after being severely mauled in their initial advance. In this instance we saw red-coated Swiss facing off against British red-coats.

British Army

CinC: d10 + average deck

1st (Light) Brigade
1/95th Foot
5/60th Foot (sk)
converged elites (sk)

2nd Brigade
1st Foot (Royal Scots)
40th Foot
49th Foot
92nd Foot (highlanders)
Royal Artillery (6lb)

3rd Brigade
44th Foot
5th Foot
7th Foot (fusiliers)
23rd Foot (fusiliers)
Royal Artillery (9lb)

4th (Naval) Brigade
Naval Brigade
Royal Marines
1st West Indies Rgt
2nd West Indies Rgt

5th Brigade
19th Light Dragoons
4th Dragoons
1st Dragoons

It was a hard fought contest that saw a French advance have some initial success but come to a grinding halt. The French commander (me) was able to hit the British infantry with a one-two punch of infantry and cavalry working together but once the French cavalry had shot its bolt, they were bloodily repulsed by the timely arrival of the British cavalry reserves. Eventually though, the French were able to blunt any subsequent British advances and the red-coat losses began to tell. The British army decided to retreat from the field, not in precipitate flight, by any means, but in an ordered and stately manner.

The length of the field looking from the French right wing/British left wing.

If this had been a campaign game, the British would have suffered a minor defeat. They would have safely retreated with little harassment from the French since at the end of the battle, the British cavalry still on the field actually outnumbered the French.

Michael pondering the seemingly undeserved defeat of the British army.


  1. You guys are total dorks.

    I'm sorry I missed it, looks like a wicked game.


  2. Ayup. Looked to be a good game. I am glad the Brits lost as they should have. Vive le France!