Thursday, July 2, 2009

June Painting Points

Well, my June painting points are a paltry 10. Yes, that's a ten! All I was able to get finished were five mounted Austrian commanders for my 28mm Napoleonic army. You can see them here. It's at this point that I could just ream off a list of excuses but I have a more cogently constructed argument in store. I've been mulling over the entire painting points scheme. While it's useful to keep track of my painting output, these numbers certainly don't reflect any of the other accomplishments in my hobby on a monthly basis. For instance, June saw me adding what I think is a fair bit to my gaming empire (insert wry grin here!). I added four new units to my Austrian army in the form of Hussars, Dragoons, Uhlans and Grenzers. Granted, I didn't paint these figures so they don't contribute to my painting output. But I did have to do some considerable work in re-basing them to match the rest of my collection. Anyone who has re-based figures knows the toil of which I speak!

I also spent a lot of time working on our new Napoleonic campaign. This is typically where my borderline OCD nature takes over. I don't provide to the players just a map and some quickly put together army lists. I tend to go a bit overboard. This time the maps were provided, order spreadsheets, orders of battle, preliminary briefings etc. At least I didn't produce period newspapers for distribution this time! I've tried to consolidate all the relevant documents into excel spreadsheets (with multiple tabs) so that they can be transferred back and forth without too much muss and fuss. You can see my first post about this new campaign here. I should have some new posts about this campaign as soon as I can prod the players to submit their Turn #1 orders (actually, only one is being know who you are!).

Unfortunately, all these other things are much more difficult (if not impossible) to quantify with a points system.

So, having said all that, I'm not really concerned about a small painting output for June (no, really, I'm not!). My plans for July? Well, besides a visit to Historicon in a couple of weeks to help my friend Ken at the All The King's Men Toy Soldiers booth, here are my painting plans:

6 x 28mm Carlist Wars Isabellino cavalry
14 x 54mm AWI Continental Infantry
30 x 15mm WWII Soviet infantry

Of course, this assumes I don't get side-tracked by Ken's new 54mm British grenadiers that I plan to pick up at Historicon. You can see a sample of them here to the left. Gotta' love those bearskins! If I can get this list finished, plus continue to run the Napoleonic Campaign, I'll be a happy camper!


  1. Don't worry about painting points. So long as you feel you have accomplished something that is the important thing. I can't wait to hear all your stories from Historicon.

  2. I'm going to take the laptop to Historicon and hopefully do some blog updates from the event!