Sunday, July 5, 2009

Napoleonic Campaign: rule amendments

After a Napoleonic bash today at MIGS (our local gaming club), and some discussion with three of the four principals in the campaign, several rule amendments have been introduced. I have listed them below in no particular order and with the number and title of the relevant section in the rules (which can be downloaded here).

5.2 Supply

Out of supply divisions may move a maximum of one movement leg, regardless of the movement points rolled.

(Note: I/we realized that most divisions move on average a maximum of two legs anyway so cutting the out of supply movement back to one seemed appropriate.)

4.6 Destroyed Units

If any unit is destroyed during the tactical battle (infantry 5 stand losses, cavalry 4 stand losses, artillery 3 stand losses), it is marked as destroyed in the order of battle and is no longer available in the campaign. Destroyed units may be replaced by raw class units in the order of battle by using the Successful Recruitment card.

(Note: This is to allow the physical/numerical deterioration of an army. It also gives those non-battle light cavalry something to do in the tactical battles. In short, they can perform their historical function of pursuit of routing units and, in game terms, causing that last stand loss to force destruction.)

4.7 Imperial Guard Units

When any French Old Guard infantry unit or any Russian Imperial guard infantry unit suffers a stand loss in a tactical battle, two Army Morale Point losses are assessed to the army.

French Old Guard infantry, artillery and cavalry units and Russian Imperial guard infantry and artillery units may not be replaced with the Successful Recruitment card.

(Note: These rules will, hopefully, cause those commanders with these troops to consider more carefully the use of these valuable troops in battle. The inability to replace them reflects their....hmmmm, irreplacability.)

2.3 Campaign Card Definitions

Successful Recruitment: The logistical and administrative elements of the army have been successful in moving newly recruited units to the area of operations. 1d6 garrison points are added to the Garrison Pool. Alternatively, a player may opt to replace 1d6 destroyed units in the order of battle. Replacement units are raw class, regardless of the class of the units they are replacing. French Old Guard infantry, artillery and cavalry units and Russian Imperial guard infantry and artillery units may never be replaced. Garrison point additions and unit replacements may not be combined in one die roll.

(Note: This presents another decision for a commander; create fragile replacements or bolster the garrison pool.)

1.4 Division Modifiers

Possible division modifiers:

downgrade 1 unit
downgrade 2 units
downgrade 3 units
upgrade 1 unit
upgrade 2 units
upgrade 3 units

(Note: I have changed these from the 10% downgrade style because most divisions are 3-6 units strong and there is little or no difference between 10% and 30% of most divisions. This modification is more in line with the original intent.)

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