Monday, August 24, 2009

Carlist Wars: new units

I spent the weekend finishing up the basing on two new Isabellino units for my Carlist Wars collection. First up is the 2e Granaderos de la Guardia Real Provincial. I finished painting this unit last month and I was quite pleased with the way the red on the trousers turned out. I usually have problems with red but I've tried a new technique. Over the black priming I used the red from the Games Workshop foundation range with a sepia wash (of my own mix) and then a red highlight.

Second up is a unit of Isabellino marine infantry (with very cool standard). Unfortunately, when I applied the Dullcote, the highlights on the blue were somewhat suppressed. Note: All figures are from the excellent Perry Miniatures range with Adolfo Ramos flags supplied by North Star.

Two photos of the new units with the Gale Force Nine movement trays.

Up next is a unit of Madrid militia and some line cavalry. Also in the pipeline are two units of British Auxiliary Legion infantry and one of French Foreign Legion infantry from Blaze Away Miniatures (see here for photos of the unpainted castings).

Below are some photos of units that I finished earlier this year.

Cristino artillery.

Elite companies from line battalions.

Generic Cristino line infantry.


  1. Wow, holy smokes! Those look awsome. You should quit your day job and paint for a living. (Paint my Ottomans!)

    Btw, those are nice movement trays. Are those the gale force 9 round bases too? What are they? 25mm?

  2. Those are fantastic! I agree that the red works very well on the Guard. This is such a fun period to do.


  3. Yep, those are GF9 25mm rounds!

    Thanks all for the positive comments!

  4. Nice looking figures, I do like the red. How does the GW foundation red stand up to thinning.


  5. JAM, I've never tried thinning the foundation paints but judging by the other GW paints, it shouldn't be a problem. Dave