Friday, March 26, 2010

FCW: British Auxiliary Legion

Phew! Made it just under the wire!

I'm off to Hotlead in Stratford tomorrow and I was able to finish up the last of my First Carlist Wars figures today. Several weeks ago I made an order with Terry at North Bay Games & Hobbies for some more Perry Carlist Wars figures for pickup at the convention tomorrow. At the same time, I had a thought that it would be nice to finish up any figures left in my boxes before I picked up the new order. I hesitated to make any sort of commitment, cuz I'm a guy and we're notoriously bad at the commitment thing (as I've been repeatedly told).

Anyway, a bit of a painting binge this week saw the completion today of a 27 figure unit of British Auxiliary Legion infantry. These figures represent the 9th "Irish Grenadiers" Battalion that fought in Spain. There are 24 musketeers (of which 18 are centre company-men and six, with the green plumes, are from the light company) and three command. For Sharp Practice, this will give me four "groups" of six figures each, commanded by a Big Man with musician and standard bearer. These figures bring my Isabellino army total past the century mark to 120 figures. Eventually I'll have a nice tidy Foreign Brigade for my army when I add some British rifles, lancers and artillery to the already finished BAL infantry and the French Foreign Legion. For a some good info about the BAL in the FCW, look here.

9th "Irish Grenadiers" Battalion.
Apologies for the unfocused left side of the photo. I've yet to master the wider shots with my camera.

I decided to paint these figures with the British winter trousers in blue-grey. I mixed in some browns for variety and when this is combined with the mix of headgear (shakoes and forage caps), there results a nice campaign look. The officer is dressed in the typical officer's blue-grey frock coat.

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