Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spanish buildings...addition

I've had in my collection for years a very nice 28mm scale church model that I received for a song from a friend. I don't recall the manufacturer. Maybe someone looking at the pictures below could enlighten me (or re-enlighten me, actually). Perhaps HG Walls? The basic resin model is approximately 30cm x 15cm x 35cm high (that's 12" x 6" x 14" for the metrically challenged). It's quite a lovely model with fine detail and designed for pretty much any non-Spanish, non-Italian setting (although it could fit into the latter in a pinch). The roof lifts off and the spire comes in three pieces that fit neatly on top of one another (great places for snipers to hide out). When I first acquired the bare model, it was a stand alone piece with no courtyard and no interior detail. I added the courtyard and mausolea such that the whole thing is one piece on a solid base. You can see here that I painted it for a generic European setting. The mausolea, by the way, are from another forgotten manufacturer (someone help me out here too?). They are the only thing about the base that is not scratch-built.

After a number of years of solid service with my 28mm WWII skirmish collection (long-since disposed of) and some limited service with my Napoleonic project (more as a backdrop), it has sat gathering dust in a corner. I decided to resurrect it for my skirmish Carlist Wars project after completing my latest batch of Spanish buildings. But it needed a makeover to have it fit in with the Spanish theme. First to go was the spire top, to be replaced with a scratch-built tiled version. Next, I altered the look of the courtyard wall by segregating it into tiles with a sharp knife to more closely match the tiles I used in some of my previous Spanish walls. Last was a complete re-paint to bring it closer in colour theme to my other Spanish buildings.

I think this church will make a nice center-point to my new Spanish village. Something for Vidal's cowardly Carlist priests to hide their gold in! And for my valiant defenders of the rightful heir to loot and burn!


  1. That would work with my cowboys as well!

  2. Well I can truly say very nice job. You are building up quite a nice collection of buildings.


  3. Hey

    I'm reading the blog you know!


  4. @ John...thanks!

    @ Vidal...what did I say? :)

  5. You have done a great job on that layout, I am looking to do the samething for my WSS.