Friday, March 19, 2010

Spanish Buildings...reprise

I've finally finished a project I first posted here in September of last year. These Spanish buildings have been sitting beside my painting desk on my project table since then. As can be seen in the previous post here, assembling these resin kits was fairly easy.

To quote myself from the previous post: "I design my bases to hold four 50mm x 50mm figure bases, since my entire Napoleonic collection is mounted on these. When we use Field of Battle rules, one unit may occupy a structure (meant to represent a built up area, city block, or building complex), and having bases that each neatly fit one unit eliminates any ambiguities about what is and isn't in the buildings. The models were glued to the bases with No More Nails. I plan to add extra walls and fences to the bases to add some variety."

Unfortunately, that's as far I had gone until the last couple of weeks. My latest painting of Carlist Wars figures has prompted me to finish up these lovely buildings and I'm quite pleased with the results.

I've added some before and after comparison shots below.

This is a small stable with removable roof. I have added some cobblestones to the yard and fences to surround it.

A small house or shack, again with a removable roof. The walls were scratch-built and topped with tiles that come in large plastic sheets.

Another small house, this time two-story with removable roof. This one has received a high wall to partially surround the yard.

This will be the centerpiece of my little Spanish village. The building itself is two stories, although I made only the lower roof removable. Unfortunately, Brigade Games was out of the gate section at Historicon so I was forced to scratch-build a gate to the yard.


  1. Very Nice. so when will you be parading these out at the club for us to oggle??


  2. Fantastic work. It's amazing how much flavour the walls and courtyards add.