Saturday, April 10, 2010

Napoleonic French Artillery

For some of you, the name I'm about to mention will dredge up some memories, Joe Dillon. Yes, he's still alive (and kickin') and busily painting away his free time in the the pretty lakeside burg of Burlington. I was over to his house the other day for tea and I was able to take some photos of one his latest creations. Joe is busy on a new 28mm French Napoleonic army (which reincarnation of this project is this, Joe?) and you'll see a French 6lb foot artillery battery below. In order to model all the impedimenta that accompanies an artillery battery, Joe decided to add a caisson stand behind the battery. Rather than suffer the expense of a caisson model for each gun model (and they're damned pricey!), Joe had the novel idea of one large stand with one caisson model. As you can see in the photos below, he's created a mini diorama to place behind the battery guns and represent all the mess of stuff that would be there. The guns and crews are from Perry Miniatures and the caisson and horse team from Essex Miniatures.

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