Monday, April 19, 2010

New Carlists!

Seems I've come to the end of my Carlist Wars purchases from Cold Wars and Hotlead. The two units I've just finished (see below) bring my Carlist army up to 30+ figures, still only one third of the Isabellinos. Looks like another Perry Miniatures order is on the horizon. Meanwhile, I can finish painting the Carlist and Isabellino mounted command figures that have been patiently waiting on my desk for a few months.

In keeping with my desire to model the Army of the Center (to compliment Vidal's Army of the North), the first unit up is infantry of Aragon. There were nine or ten battalions of these troops in Don Cabrera's army and said to be extremely tough and rigidly disciplined.

Aragon infantry. Perry Minatures.

Next up, some Carlist cavalry. These are Aragon lancers, quite flashy in their green tunics and red boinas (the big, doughnut berets). I particularly like the reversed colours of the trumpeter.

Aragon lancers. Perry Miniatures with Adolfo Ramos flag.

I think the next purchases for this army will be some artillery, another unit of lancers, and irregular infantry. Onwards....!


  1. Excellent stuff. And the building is lovely too - where's if from?

    Best wishes


  2. Brilliant stuff indeed. Those lancers are the business!

  3. Thx guys!

    @ Giles, the building is from Brigade Games but the gate is scratch built (when I bought it at Historicon last year, they didn't have any of the gates in stock so I decided to go ahead and make my own).