Monday, May 3, 2010

Carlist War commanders

I always come to this point in a project eventually. That is, when I've run out of figures to paint. That could either be because the project is (for the most part) finished or because I'm somewhere between figure orders/purchases. In the case of my First Carlist War project, it's the latter. As can be seen by most recent posts, I've been on a Carlist War streak of late and I've finished up the figures I bought at HotLead and Cold Wars more quickly than I had anticipated. So, I have no units to paint for either army and I must wait until I order some more. What I do have left to work on are command figures and various other vignette-type pieces. As with most of my projects, these sorts of things are left to the last or to a time when I'm sans figurines. Frustrated by a lack of new units to paint for my growing Carlist army, I turned last week to some command figures and other assorted paraphernalia.

Three new officers for my Cristino army (all Perry Miniatures, of course).

General Zumalacarregui, commander of Don Carlos' Northern Army. Yes, that's his real name (no, I didn't make it up). Kudos to anyone who can pronounce it properly!

Don Ramon Cabrera, commander of the Army of the Center, wearing his familiar white overcoat.

Cabrera again: I used a couple of extra command figures for this command vignette. The horse holder is an infantry bugler with the horn removed. The flag is Cabrera's personal standard from the Adolfo Ramos collection.

A beautiful carriage for some lovely Contessa! I bought this beauty for $10.00 at a convention last year (thanks Ron!) with visions of running scenarios where my heroic Cristino officers rescue the damsel in distress from the dastardly Carlists! I'm not even sure of the carriage manufacturer. The horses that came with it were far too small so I replaced them with two from the Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic caisson team (more of them anon). Meanwhile, I'm on an active search for suitable 1830s Spain aristocrat figures to go with this carriage.

Perry Miniatures artillery caisson for my Cristino artillery. The pack comes with a four horse team but I used the front pair for the carriage above.

Front Rank ox-drawn ammunition wagon. I had originally bought this to go with my Napoleonic Spanish artillery battery but thought it would do well with my FCW collection instead.

Cristino artillery piece with all its assorted vehicles in support.

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