Monday, May 3, 2010

Rummage Sale!

I've been rummaging about in my seemingly never-ending pile of gaming boxes and I've decided to get rid of a couple of projects that have never been finished. You'll see pictures in this and the next post of 54mm Sudan and 54mm AWI collections. Both are relatively small collections and I'd like to sell them as whole lots rather than individual figures or units. Of course, I'm not averse to selling them by the unit but the per figure price is lower if the entire collection is purchased. I'll accept PayPal payments or cash, if you're local. For those who don't know, I'm located in Canada, near Toronto, and shipping will be at cost (i.e. you want it fast, it'll cost you more).

54mm Sudan

Below each photo there is a description of the figures and the unit cost. In total there are 49 foot figures, 2 guns and 7 cavalry. The total of the unit prices is $595.00 USD. If the collection is bought as a whole, $525.00 USD (plus the bonus gift in the last photo).

British line (8 figures: Armies in Plastic) $80.00

Royal Marine Light Infantry (8 figures: Armies in Plastic) $80.00

British artillery (6 crew + gatling gun) $60.00
These are conversions from the talented hands of Ken Cliffe of All the King's Men Toy Soldiers.

Marine Artillery (6 crew + gatling gun) $60.00
Again, conversions by Ken Cliffe.

Cavalry (3 British lancers + 3 Bengal lancers + 1 cmd) $105.00
These are conversions using CTS French Napoleonic dragoon bodies as a base to work from and AIP heads. The Bengal officer is a metal rider, the origin of which I can't remember. The horses are from CTS on ATKM metal bases. These were created before AiP brought out their British and Bengal lancer boxes.

Ansar warriors (10 warriors + 1 standard bearer: Armies in Plastic) $110.00

Ansar riflemen (10 riflemen: Armies in Plastic) $100.00

French Foreign Legion (9 figures: Armies in Plastic) If you buy the entire Sudan collection, this unit is gratis (even though it's not really a Sudan Wars unit).

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