Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have some new additions to one of collections this time around but first a milestone of sorts. This is my 100th post since beginning the blog in May 2009. By my calculations, that's one post every four days or so. Whodathunkit? I only noticed this because a fellow blogger mentioned the same milestone for his blog on TMP.

So, onto the new additions. Although I'm in the home stretch for painting my Carlist Wars collection (only 30 figures to go), I've been inspired of late to carry on with my 28mm WWII 1940 project (you can see an earlier post here). A couple of weeks ago, as I was preparing to leave for Historicon, I received two separate Crusader figure orders in the post. One contained the figures to finish off my French platoon (one squad plus rifle grenadiers for all the squads) and the other more substantial order brought me an entire German platoon with support weapons. As you can see from the pictures I lifted from the Crusader site, these are the same sculpting style as my French (one of the requirements for my new projects...keeping the style consistent, if possible). The ironic thing about the German batch is that I had made the order several weeks before Historicon when I thought I wasn't going down. By the time I had made the decision to attend the show, Old Glory had already shipped the order. I could have saved the shipping costs...oh well.

I haven't yet put any of these new figures on the painting desk as I've been finishing off some Carlist Wars additions (coming soon to a blog near you) and the WWII vehicles in the photos below. These I've also had packed away for a number of years, unpainted and neglected. As I was waiting for my Crusader figures to arrive and since we've playing more WWII lately, I decided to pull them out and slap some paint on them to add some variety to my future German platoon. All are superb models from Army Group North Miniatures in Toronto.

Sturmgeschutz IIIC.
This guy will provide some close-in HE support for my German platoon.

Some transport for my support weapons teams. The Opel Blitz truck can tow the Pak 36 anti-tank gun and/or carry the mortar teams. The Sdkfz 10 (1 ton) I can see pulling the 75mm infantry gun. In game terms, these will be eye-candy for the most part. Disposable Heroes games tend to be close-in, infantry-centric affairs where support weapons find a safe place to deploy and remain there for the relatively short duration of the action.

And some heavier armour to face off against the French R-35s and S-35s. This is my new medium armour platoon comprised of one Pz IVD and two Pz 38(t)s. This group will add some much-needed weight to my light platoon (see it here). The Pz 38(t) is one of my favourite tanks of the war, mainly because of its look. Something about all those sharp angles and rivets!


  1. mmm...Fresh meat for my EW Poles! But I've got to paint them first! Jordan and I have been playing LW with Disposable Heroes and like it a lot. Let's try and do a game sometime.

    Great work so far Dave!