Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disposable Heroes...1940

As I mentioned in my post of yesterday, I haven't been idle, even though my painting output has gone down considerably of late. We played a game of Disposable Heroes last weekend and I've posted some piccies below. Also below are some shots of a Wings of War game we played recently with Daniel's new balloon. WoW is a great way to while away a couple of hours with minimal cerebral activity and maximum gaming fun!

German Pak36 anti-tank gun waiting a furious onslaught of French FT-17s (yeah, like that's possible).

French R-35 backs up the infantry. Daniel spent some extra effort customizing this AGNM vehicle to have the commander sitting out the rear turret hatch.

Another shot of the R-35, with commander studiously surveying the German positions.

French FT-17s awaiting the command to charge!

French NCO directs his section.

A couple shots of our recent Wings of War battle.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Painting Funk! Gone!

I've noticed that it's been a few weeks since I've last posted. While I've been in a bit of a painting funk (a normal cyclical occurrence), I haven't been completely idle. I've been able to play a few games of Disposable Heroes with my growing 28mm 1940 collection. And before resting from the paintbrush, I had 90% finished a few additions to my Carlist Wars project. Luckily for my motivation, Vidal and I scheduled time to play with the collection today and that forced me to get back at my desk and add the finishing touches this week (mainly basing). Vidal was also able to add to his force with a new Carlist artillery piece and crew (Vidal, if you're reading this, I somehow lost the photo you sent...I meant to post it here). Without further ado, you can see some pics of the new Carlist Wars figures below along with some shots from the game today. As an added bonus, there is something completely different at the end of the post!

I now have some armed clergy to harangue my Carlist troops. My particular favourite is the priest with the cross upheld in one hand and drawn sword in the other! (Perry Miniatures)

And to inhabit and give life to my Spanish village, a selection of civilians. I finally found a use for purple ink! (Perry Miniatures)

British Auxiliary Legion rockets.
These bad boys have questionable tactical value in a game but are damned sexy and are fun to play with! In this game of Sharp Practice, they were able to give 10 shock points to a Carlist cavalry unit with just one rocket (for those who don't have the context, that's alot!). (Perry Miniatures)

Another shot of the rocket battery with BAL infantry deployed alongside.

British Auxiliary Legion lancers. A mighty fine looking unit that lived up to the age-old gaming tradition of running ignominiously in their tabletop debut.

A look along the Isabellino lines at the beginning of the game. As usual, once we started playing, I forgot to take any more pictures of the action.

Another look, this time along the Carlist main battle line. I decided to try Sharp Practice with a more open field battle this time. It worked quite well and we had a fairly definitive conclusion in four hours with about 250 figures, all individually based. Not bad methinks!

The inhabitants of the town prepare to leave before the battle starts. A servant pours a drink for the Don and his mother before they embark. In the background, an armed monk patrols the church precinct.

I've decided to add a few vignettes to my collection and among them is this roadside shrine. The basic piece in this is a Christmas ornament, heavily modified. The walls are chopped up from Games Workshop leftovers and the figures from the Perry Miniatures civilian and armed clergy packs. In the foreground, a priest bestows his blessings on a monk. In the left background, a woman shows reverence at the shrine.

A close-up of that devout reverence.

And as mentioned above, something new! Michael and Daniel arrived home on leave last week and Daniel promptly showed a desire to pick up a paint brush. I wasn't slow to throw a figure into his hand! He volunteered to paint a sample from the Perry Miniatures War of Roses figures I received recently. This may even be enough to get me assembling and painting the plastic bowmen! You can see Daniel's handiwork below (the young Paduan has outstripped his master).

Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, "The Kingmaker."