Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disposable Heroes...1940

As I mentioned in my post of yesterday, I haven't been idle, even though my painting output has gone down considerably of late. We played a game of Disposable Heroes last weekend and I've posted some piccies below. Also below are some shots of a Wings of War game we played recently with Daniel's new balloon. WoW is a great way to while away a couple of hours with minimal cerebral activity and maximum gaming fun!

German Pak36 anti-tank gun waiting a furious onslaught of French FT-17s (yeah, like that's possible).

French R-35 backs up the infantry. Daniel spent some extra effort customizing this AGNM vehicle to have the commander sitting out the rear turret hatch.

Another shot of the R-35, with commander studiously surveying the German positions.

French FT-17s awaiting the command to charge!

French NCO directs his section.

A couple shots of our recent Wings of War battle.

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