Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carlist Wars Fight at MIGS

Last Friday I was able to rope a few friends into playing with my Carlist Wars collection at the local clubhouse (MIGS). Again we tried a more open field battle using Sharp Practice with, I think, favourable results. The game sported perhaps 160 figures and was completed in three and a half hours with four players. I think we've become relatively conversant with the rules and a mini-campaign may be on the horizon. Thanks to Steve for taking the photos below!

Initial deployments.
The Isabellino force on the left, comprised mainly of the British and French Legions, and the Carlists on the right. The French Foreign Legion in the left foreground
would go on to see some heavy fighting in this battle. Most of the Carlist infantry is made up of regional battalions of 18 figures each, divided into a formed group of 12 and a skirmish group of six. Carlist cavalry can be seen in right background approaching the Isabellino left flank and the BAL rocket battery stationed there.

Initial deployments from the other flank.
The fields and trees were made (quite well) by Steve Thomson (you can see his blog

The Isabellino left flank was held by BAL rockets and lancers. The Carlist cavalry made a bee-line for these isolated units and drove back the lancers, seen here regrouping behind the rockets, which have just loosed another (useless) volley at their antagonists. The Carlist lancers went on to rout the rocketeers before being bounced themselves by the revived BAL lancers (led by a Level III Big Man, no less!).

The game at its midpoint.
The grain field in the center of the frame has caught alight and has become a no-man's land for all. This impassable obstruction caused a host of problems for both sides.
The Isabellino gun in the left center has unlimbered and begun to fire on the Carlist infantry but the burning field has limited its range of vision and usefulness. The fight for the rocket battery can be seen in the center-left background.

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