Thursday, September 16, 2010

new additions

I ventured to Cambridge last night to play with Vidal's little boats. Specifically, these tiny ships were 1/2400 scale Napoleonic from Old Glory. Vidal talked me into picking up the Spanish fleet for Trafalgar some time ago (a year or more?) and they've been patiently sitting on a shelf beside my desk since then (Vidal has the British fleet). We used Kiss Me Hardy rules from Richard Clarke at Too Fat Lardies, fast becoming my favourite rule developer and publisher. The rules are pretty fast-paced and bloody (meaning we didn't have to wait long for the fun stuff to happen) and use the familiar Lardies card deck. After the game, I came home and pulled out my (as yet) unpainted Spanish ships and started the planning process. Why is it that every time I go to Vidal's house to game, I come home with a new project brewing? 28mm Carlist Wars with Sharp Practice, 28mm WWII with Disposable Heroes, and now Napoleonic ships? Damn, but I have no self-control.

The Spanish fleet straight out of the box.

These models have several redeeming qualities. First, they are one-piece castings with bases included. This cuts down considerably on preparation time. Some may see the one-piece models as a detraction because of the way the masts and rigging are solid slabs of metal. True, as seen in their naked state, they seem a little bit chunky and crude but some judicious painting can resolve this issue relatively easily. Second, as part of the one-piece casting, the base is sculpted with waves etc. This eliminates completely the need to source and apply bases and spackle for the waves. Third, the small scale makes playing larger battles feasible, even on the dining room table. So, I'm off to clean these little boats up and start painting the sides in Spanish blood red. They need to look as scary as possible cuz the Spaniards sure as hell weren't the top o' the pile!

I was also able to finish up a few support teams for my 28mm 1940 Germans. I found I had enough helmet decals left to finish these up while waiting for the next batch from Company B.

These support teams should give my German platoon a bit of extra punch: 2 x 50mm mortar teams (on the left), 2 x Anti-tank rifle teams (right and center), and 1 x 81mm mortar team. Crusader Miniatures.

A close-up of the 81mm mortar team.

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