Friday, September 24, 2010

Two Projects Finished!

"Ha," you laugh derisively! "There is no such thing as a finished gaming project. You'll always be adding on to it."

This may be true but in the context of how I had originally planned these two projects, they are FINISHED! Besides, there's only so much room in the damn boxes. For those who don't know, my new approach is to make the project fit the box (see here). In an odd twist, I finished both projects in the same week (that was not planned). This week I was able to finish applying helmet decals to the rest of my 1940 German platoon and base them up. I also finished some reinforcements for my Carlist Wars armies. These were some add-ons to already existing units to bring them up to my standard unit sizes in multiples of six.

A couple shots of the 1940 project, as originally planned. On the left, a platoon of German infantry with support weapons and a couple platoons of armoured vehicles. On the right, their French counterparts. All figures are from Crusader (except a few gun crew figures from Bolt Action).

Although the 1940 stuff seen here is truly finished as planned, there seems to be a fair bit of room left over in the case. Hmmmm, what to do? I think that case is just calling out for some Fallshirmjaegers! Or some Tommies!

"Whoa, pardner!" you sputter. "Didn't you just get through telling me you were finished?"

"My collection, my rules!" I justify.

"Hypocrite!" spills from your gob.

"Who are you? My wife? Have another glass of wine."

The Isabellino army; cavalry in the rear, and British Auxiliary Legion to the fore.

The Carlist Army of the Centre, led by Don Cabrera (in the white coat).

Now this project can really and truly said to be finished. I have absolutely no room left in the case. And don't tell me to buy another case. Geez, that would constitute another project. Hmmmm.......


  1. Mes félicitations. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Looks like you need another case.

  2. Some 1/2400 Napoleonic ships first. But that's not a major project. Still hunting around for my next big project.