Tuesday, December 14, 2010

28mm 1940 German Motorized infantry

Although the vast majority of German infantry in 1940 (and indeed throughout the war) got around by the centuries-old expedient of boot leather, I decided I would motorize my German platoon. I opted for truck-borne infantry rather than putting them in halftracks, since the latter were even less common. Besides, when we are playing games that are meant to simulate the sharp end of the stick, infantry transport becomes as much eye-candy as anything else. I'm definitely of the school of thought that even panzer grenadiers with armoured halftracks didn't drive the damned things hell-bent-for-leather into the face of the enemy, guns a'blazin'! Once the infantry was engaged closely with the enemy (and probably, more often than not, even before the shooting started in earnest), the transport (whether trucks or halftracks) became, at best, a base of fire and/or a rally point. This despite the penchant for gamers to unload their infantry and advance on the enemy with the halftrack-mounted MGs grinding forward with them. 

To mount my infantry platoon, I turned to a number of different manufacturers. I picked up some Opel Blitz trucks from Army Group North Miniatures and a Horch staff car from Company B. The trucks are the usual AGNM high quality pieces; sturdy and easily assembled and painted. The Company B staff car, while wonderfully rendered and cast, was somewhat less sturdy than the AGNM vehicles. One of the side panels was broken in transit and required some judicious repair work. But for that, the model is quite a beautiful piece and will hold my platoon command quite nicely.

A couple of shots of the new trucks and Horch staff car. The latter will have a crew once I get them off of my painting desk. The StugIIIC in the foreground is an AGNM piece.

For my soon-to-be-painted pioneer squad, I chose the JTFM Sdkfz 251/7C. This is the pioneer version with the bridging pieces mounted on top. I thought this would be a good way to differentiate this squad from the others and provide it with a bit more protection (given that it will probably be given the tougher assignments).

The JTFM Sd 251/C pioneer halftrack. Until I looked at this photo, I hadn't noticed two things: I didn't finish painting the MG34 and the Dullcote seems to have left some white particles on the surface of the vehicle. I didn't notice them while I was handling it so maybe it's just the photo.

Recently, I was also able to purchase two PzIIIG tanks to supplement my armoured force. These mount the short 50mm gun. Granted, they shouldn't really be fielded with my 1940 Germans but if I were ever to face a 1941 Russian force, then they could give me a much-needed boost from my Pz38(t)s and PzIIs. I chose for these the AGNM models over the JTFM versions. I find the former to be sturdier and less fiddly to assemble (a function of the fewer parts and the one-piece hull/track casting).

AGNM PzIIIGs. These are quite nice models and come with extra stowage and tools to attach as one sees fit.

Also added was another Sd10 halftrack to help tow about my guns. I found in one of my desk drawers an extra Pak36 AT gun and a 75mm infantry gun. Both of these I mounted as limbered without the crews (which I didn't have anyway). 

Pak36 AT guns and 75mm IG towed by Sd10 halftracks. These will also have crews...eventually.

Next up for this project? hmmmmm.....nothing!

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