Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Year in Review...such a cliché

In the spirit of a number of other gaming blogs, I've been looking back over the past year of my hobby and into the the new year. In 2010 I was able to complete a few projects and start others. The biggest accomplishment was finishing my 28mm First Carlist Wars project that had been ongoing for a couple of years. Also on the list of accomplishments is my 28mm WWII project, made up of a 1940 German infantry platoon and supports and a counterpart French platoon. I have plans to add on to this but more of that anon. The WWII project in particular I'm proud of since it was begun and finished all in the same calendar year. 2010 also saw a fond farewell to my extensive 28mm Napoleonic and War of 1812 collections. These well-used projects raised some much-needed cash and gave my the hobby breathing space that comes with divesting oneself of a large collection. Unlike some gamers, I've really had no qualms about ridding myself of collections. I always think of projects and collections as learning vehicles. By this I mean that every project I learn something new, whether a new painting or basing technique or new storage and transportation ideas. The Napoleonic collection in particular had been an ongoing effort for a number of years and showed (at least to me) the varying stages of painting and basing developments. Every project, I seem to inch a little closer to a goal I cannot quite articulate: not perfection, since I'm a guy and only women can aspire to that. But at the very least a level of consistency within a collection in terms of painting and basing.  

In 2010 I also clarified how I plan to approach new projects in the future with my Project in a Box theory. In a nutshell, this is a pre-planned collection that can be easily transported in one case. Speaking with Michael yesterday about these smaller projects, we realized I actually now have two categories of gaming projects: 1) The Large or Major projects, such as the 28mm Carlist Wars or 28mm WWII fit into the Project in a Box category; 2) smaller projects (in terms of figure scale or sheer bulk), such as 1:2400 WWI naval or 1:6000 WWII naval, are, according to Michael's idea, Pocket Projects. This is a perfect term for an undertaking that is much smaller in size and concept and can almost literally be carried in a pocket (granted, a large pocket).

So what's on tap for 2011? I've been hunting around for a new large project and I think I've found it: 28mm Imaginations. Vidal and I began this conversation a month or so ago and it seems to have hit a nerve with others as well. You can see some earlier ramblings about this possibility here. This will be my Project in a Box for 2011 (and probably well beyond). My current thinking is to base figures individually (as per my Carlist Wars project) in "groups" of eight figures to play with Sharp Practice. My end goal in terms of a unit is six "groups" of eight figures with a six-figure command group and a mounted colonel (oh, and I can't forget the four-figure battalion gun crew). That makes 59 figures per regiment/battalion! And cavalry will be similarly grandiose (24+ figures I think). Here's another blog with a good photo of what this may look like: Phil's Warcabinet. I'll be blogging more about this as 2011 comes along. 

In the spirit of starting this project, I found a command figure in my seemingly bottomless desk drawers and painted him up as the mounted colonel of my first infantry regiment.

What else is up for 2011? I think an addition to my 28mm WWII project in the form of some British help to my 1940 French. Of course, this would require a new "box" and the British would only fill half of it. I guess I may have to revive the idea of a Fallschirmjaeger platoon as well (grinning mischievously). I guess this would qualify as the larger Project in a Box

As far as Pocket Projects go, I received from Litko last week the bases for my 1:6000 WWII project so that should be started ( and perhaps finished) some time over the Xmas holidays. Another may be something completely different for me, a self-professed died-in-the-wool historical gamer (Imagination gaming notwithstanding). How does Dystopian Wars sound? Take a look here. We'll see. Next thing you know I'll be building space ship fleets! Now that's just crazy talk!

Thanks all for reading my ramblings over the past year during which I passed over the 10,000 hit mark. Wow!

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule!

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