Sunday, January 23, 2011

ImagiNation: Rgt Roquefort

Today I finished up my first ImagiNation unit, 1er Battalion/Regiment d'Infanterie Roquefort. You can see the end result below. The battalion is composed of 24 musketeers and is accompanied by eight figures of the regimental command group (two standards, two drummers, two sergeants, and two officers on foot). Next up on the painting desk is the second battalion (including grenadiers) and two 3lb battalion guns with crews. I've also started cleaning the figures for my first cavalry regiment, Les Grenadiers a Cheval Boursin. 

1er Battalion, Regiment d'Infanterie Roquefort. 
All Crusader figures except the Front Rank mounted colonel. Flags by GMB.

A closer shot of the regimental command party with the (white) Colonel's flag and the (red/white) Ordonnance standard.

Le Marquis de Fromage in his distinctive royal purple tunic.

As a finished unit, I'm quite pleased with Rgt Roquefort but I had some misgivings during the painting process. For some reason I couldn't quite get the red tunics to my satisfaction. Maybe I was too far into the proverbial forest to see the trees (or is that the other way around?). Anyway, once based and flagged, the red seems to look pretty good. I'm playing around with the idea of using Army Painter red primer on the next batch, blocking in the main colours then using the Army Painter dip. In fact, I had the cans in my hand the other day in a  hobby shop, almost ready to buy them. But it would be  such a radical departure from my current method that I hesitated and will continue to mull it over.


  1. A *very* good-looking unit, anyway!

    The Boursin Grenadiers a Cheval? Wow! Looking forward to discover them!


  2. OK, OK I'm an obnoxious labeling nazi, but you forgot to label this post 'Imagination'!

    Best regards,

  3. Thanks guys and the labelling mishap has ben corrected.

  4. Thanks guys and the labelling mishap has been corrected.