Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Peeks!

Some quick peeks at a couple of new projects. First up is Daniel's WWI 28mm mega-project, the terrain boards for which you can see under construction here. For Xmas, I gifted Daniel with a couple of British tanks from Old Glory and he's already finished the assembly and painting.

Apologies for the photo quality. These are from an iPhone text exchange a couple of days ago. Daniel or I will post some better pictures soon.

Here we have a Whippetso-called because of its blazing speed.
 And the real thing we found on a trip to Aberdeen a few years ago.

His Majesty's Land Ship Buttercup. 
The name is sure to send tremors of fear down the spine of the dastardly Hun.

 And again, the real thing at Aberdeen (displayed quite wonderfully by Diana).

And to kick off my new ImagiNation project, over the last two weeks I've painted the 1er Battalion, Regiment d'Infanterie Roquefort. These are without flags or finished bases but, I think, look quite nice regardless. This is just one battalion of 24 figures with assorted standard bearers, drummers and officers (all Crusader figures except the two mounted Front Rank officers). There will be another 24-figure battalion and a couple 4lb guns added in short order. Tucked up in the top right in the royal purple tunic is Le Marquis de Fromage.

1er Battalion, Regiment d'Infanterie Roquefort

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