Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back in the Saddle?

After almost a full year of painting inactivity, I finally returned to my desk with some trepidation. Of course, cleaning the accumulated dust and paraphernalia of several months took more time than I expected. But, with several hours to kill, I dove into the unfinished projects that had been staring at me every time I went in my office. First up we're some GHQ WWI boats to add to my Royal Navy contingent. These had already been based and primed so the painting took little time (mainly dry-brushing). Finishing the bases took a bit longer; this requires wood filler for the bow and stern waves and several layers of paint and dry-brushing. You can see the result below of two new battle cruisers, HMS Queen Mary & HMS Princess Royal, to go with the pre-existing HMS Lion. I need only one more for David Beatty's battle cruiser squadron, HMS Tiger (but that will require an order to GHQ or a trip to Cold Wars). Also added to my Brits are HMS Phaeton and HMS Undaunted, both light cruisers. Now to put them to sea...

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