Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stepping back into my ImagiNation

Having dived back into the painting, I elected to try my hand at some of the enormous lead pile that makes up my ImagiNation project. I accomplished three things in my first foray back into serious painting (my previous post about adding WWI ships notwithstanding). First, I finished the command figure below. This is a Crusader figure that will command one of my KaiserReich regiments but I have not yet decided which or even his name. I was happy enough just to complete him (although he was already half-painted). My apologies for the quality of the photo (not sure where my camera is and my iPhone had to stand in). Second, I started on some musketeers of Regiment de Pont L'Eveque for the army of the Grand-Duc de Gourmandie. That was a bit more of a struggle. Many of my paints have dried out and need to be replaced. And while I was pleasantly surprised to find, when painting the figure below, that my hand was as steady (or unsteady, depending on the interpretation) as ever, painting in an assembly line format will take some discipline again. Audio books will work well in helping with this, I think. Lastly, I pulled out some of the gorgeous Crusader SYW hussars to clean and prep. I may be a little optimistic about getting at them with a paintbrush, given my output over the last year, but they are so pretty that I'm happy just to have taken them out of their dark hiding place under my desk.

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  1. Finally, glad to see that you have been able to pick up the brush again. I'm still struggling to do the same after my previous painting outbursts.