Friday, February 21, 2014

17th Lancers

In 1899 the debate over which was the better primary weapon for the cavalry: the lance or the sabre, was still fierce. Alas, Boer riflemen settled that debate quickly with their Mauser rifles.

I thought I would hop on the bandwagon and post some pics of my recently completed figures. My newest production is a squadron of 10 British lancers, painted in the colours of the famous 17th Lancers of Crimean fame. All figures are Old Glory. Without further ado:

I tried a new method in regards to the guidons on the lances. I cut the pattern out of normal printer paper, as I would normally do. However, between the two folded halves of the flag I glued a small piece of aluminium foil (cut to fit). This is by no means an original idea and I take no credit for it, I just can not remember where exactly I saw it! Regardless, I am happy with the results. The flags maintain a nice "wavy" effect while still being rigid. A bonus is that the foil provides a nice surface on which to paint the texture of the flag.

This squadron, though pretty, will undoubtedly prove to be useless on the table. But no matter, I prefer my troops to be pretty and useless than useful and boring. On second thought, I might have chosen the wrong project...


  1. They look great. I especially like those bases.

  2. Fantastic painting. I have a unit to paint up as well which I intend to use for both the Boer and Late Sudan War....champion stuff.