Saturday, February 22, 2014

First of the Boxers

First group of Boxers for the project! These are your everyday run o' the mill Boxers from the Old Glory collection. I have another two 8-figure pole-armed units in the painting queue although I have also ordered another bag of Boxers with swords that when painted can be mixed in to get a variety of weapons in each unit (eventually 48+ figures). For a couple of these figures (the one in green on the left and blue on the right), I needed to carve out the pole and replace with brass wire (adding on the weapon head afterward). This was a bit fiddly but I think well worth the effort. The flag is again from The Virtual Armchair General but I've painted over the sub-par printing quality to give some clarity and depth.

With my current OG order, I've also added some Japanese infantry and artillerists and some Chinese gunners. The Chinese guns I think will be ordered from Redoubt Enterprises. These look suitably exotic!

I've also been considering the inevitable terrain questions. There are little or no suitable Chinese buildings available on the market so I suspect there will be needed some serious scratch-building efforts. No real worries there since I've handled that before (as anyone who knows me knows well enough). 

I'd like eventually to produce a scaled-down version of the legation quarter in Peking. Most of the buildings and walls will be relatively easy to construct but I may order at least one piece to build off of, Redoubt Enterprises' gate to the British Legation:


  1. Chinese buildings
    made by a very talented fellow.

    The Boxers look quite cool.

  2. Yes, I've seen the Oshiro buildings. Unfortunately, they've suspended operations.