Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cold Wars...didn't happen :(

Well, the much-anticipated trip to Cold Wars did not happen, but only myself to blame. Thursday afternoon saw everything packed and ready to go. I was going to leave for Kingston in the late afternoon to stay there then venture to Lancaster PA the next day with Michael & Phil. "Oh" says I, "Don't forget the passport." I duly grab it from my desk drawer and what do my wondering eyes see? That it expired in January. Doh! Good thing I checked then and not at the border.
So Cold Wars was a bust but I made the most of the weekend and carried on to Kingston for some relaxation and gaming with Michael & Phil. In between the laziness and the drinking, we managed to get in a few games. On Friday we slid on down to Nexus Games and played with my Carlist Wars collection. Only one photo from the game came out in focus (and no, I hadn't been drinking). We used Field of Battle from Piquet and experienced a quick, fun game. The highlight for me (even though I was on the losing side of it) was the Isabellino guard battalion routed in melee by Carlist guerilleros on a 10 v 1 dice roll split. This is one of the selling points for me about these rules. It's not gonna happen often, but there is still the chance that it can and when it does...it's usually pretty spectacular. And this proved to be the turning point of the game. The Isabellinos never recovered and soon lost their Army Morale.
Phil contemplating the moves of his Carlist forces.
He's obviously concerned about the massive Isabellino cavalry wing.
Saturday, Michael and I tried out a small WWI naval scenario, pitting the Russian fleet against German pre-dreadnoughts. No pictures of that one, I'm afraid. We also discussed at length an idea for a 1:6000 WWII naval project. I'd produce the models and Michael would produce some fast-play rules. Each to his forte, I suppose. This may never see the light of day but it's always fun to banter about possible projects.
So, all in all, not such a bad alternative to Cold Wars. Good food, good games, and good company. And all without the driving and extra expense. Just too bad we didn't get to see friends at the convention.
And of course, HotLead in two weeks!

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