Sunday, March 9, 2014

Terrain building blitz!

I recently finished a week off from work, and with nothing else to do I dove into a terrain building blitz for my ongoing 28mm Boer War project. As a result I have nearly finished all the terrain required for this project. My recent completions include: barbed wire cattle fences, stone walls/sangars, long grass patches, boulders, modular roads, railway tracks, telegraph poles, a cemetery, and a British blockhouse.

I also finished construction on a small railway station, but this has yet to be painted. I have only to build some kopjes (pronounced "copies"). These will be simple foam hills with steep rock outcroppings and vegetation. I hope you enjoy my recent additions and would love to hear your feedback...


  1. very nice looking.

    I have a friend who was in the south african army, and he said that really the only area that wasn't green while they they were fighting during the Boer war was the area around mafking. apparently the rest of the battlefields are ridiculously green during the campaign season, even today.

    where did you get the stone walls?

  2. I scratch built the walls. I plan on adding some greenery to the terrain but I just havent decided how I wish to do that yet

  3. Looks great. The hand painted flag is superb!

  4. Looks great and has a lot of different campaign possibilities!