Monday, March 3, 2014

Russians have arrived!

A new contingent for the legation forces has arrived...the Russians! Again, these are Old Glory figures, with their typical animation. The uniforms are of the summer variety with the striking green trousers and white blouse. I found a nice Russian flag on the interwebs and manipulated it on my computer-box-thingy. I think it turned out rather well. I've still yet to get out and pick up some putty for the bases (for all the Boxer Rebellion figures I've painted to date). This actually flies in the face of my normal rule wherein I try to finish the bases for a batch of painted figures before moving on to the next and avoid having to face the tedium of  completing the bases for a large number of figures (at this point, 46 figures).
Next up for the Boxer Rebellion must be some terrain. It's been suggested (thanks Daniel) that I run a small game at our annual cottage weekend at the end of May (RayCon). I'm off to Cold Wars next weekend and I'll be looking around for suitable ideas. And a trip to Chinatown in Toronto is warranted as well. I think a perusal of gift shops may yield some interesting tidbits.
In the  meantime, I've started to clean up a few Carlist Wars figures that arrived from Perry Miniatures recently.

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