Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ImagiNation reinforcements...guns and music

I've taken a break from the Boxer rebellion project and gone back to painting for the ImagiNations, in anticipation of the game Friday (see Steve's latest blog post here). Three additions to the ImagiNation collection this week: first up, Gourmandie heavy artillery. These have been sitting half-finished on my desk for many months.

 The battery includes two Sash & Saber 12lb guns, two Front Rank heavy limbers, and a Front Rank heavy ammunition wagon (the latter with civilian drivers). The artillerists themselves are from Crusader Miniatures. I like having the impedimentia of an artillery battery on the table (even though the representation here gives a footprint far smaller than a real-world artillery unit).
 Next is le Drand-Duc de Gourmandie himself with his faithful companions, Hans und Franz. I posted this lovely figure, painted by Daniel, some months ago but just this week finished up the basing (which I'm not too pleased with this time around...although that could just be a result of the photograph).
And last but certainly not least, a contribution to the arts from the le Grand-Duc. His Grace rarely travels with the army, usually leaving the command in the hands of the competent Jean Lafitte Roquefort, Général le Marquis de Fromage. But when he does venture into the field, he is sure to bring memories of his grand palace halls. And what's better to bring the feeling of home than a musical sextet. Nuff said...

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  1. Excellent, the musical sextet following the Grand-Duc in campaigns is *so* 'Lace Wars'!
    Now the Grand-Duc has more... subdued tastes than Maurice de Saxe, who was so fond of young actresses and ballerinas that he had a troupe unofficially attached to his HQ; or is it a matter of suitable miniature figurines?