Saturday, April 19, 2014

Massive Maurice!

I traveled to The Hammer yesterday to throw out some ImagiNation figures on the table. Rather than the typical one army vs one army, two-player Maurice game, the day saw four armies and five players. It was a grand sight to behold (see pics below). Despite the aesthetic appeal of the massive armies, I wasn't too enamoured of the multi-player (and army) game. I think Maurice works best with two armies (as per the rules) and two players (or perhaps four players, two per side). Regardless, it was a pleasant game, even though we didn't have time to finish it. There was some talk of a Maurice campaign sometime in the future...who knows...
The forces of the Grand-Duché de Gourmandie in the foreground, flanked with one of Steve's eastern armies, under Martin's command.

The Gourmandie right cavalry wing.
The Grand Duke himself, chose to accompany the army into the field. He and his faithful hounds, Hans und Franz,  are pleasantly entertained by the court musicians while his army, under the command of the Marquis de Fromage, deploys to meet the enemy.
Gourmandie heavy artillery deploys under the watchful eye of the mercenary Cameron von Muller.
The Gourmandie right wings faces down the remnants of the ill-fated enemy attempts to pierce the line with cavalry. 1er Escadron, Grenadiers a Cheval Boursin, under the command of Paul, Duke of Clarkeshire (noble of the first rank, literally), watch serenely the glorious charge of the enemy cavalry into the face of steady infantry.
Meanwhile on the left wing...


  1. Nice looking miniatures and quite a bunch of them! I especially like the paintjob on the cavalry and the use of oval bases for them.


  2. Cracking stuff Dave. Gorgeous figures and lots of em. Thanks for sharing!