Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Project in a Box...redux

After our last game at Martin's house, where I paired up my Carlist collection with Steve's fine Spanish terrain (look here for some great photos on Steve's blog), I realized that I needed a few more command stands for both armies. Luckily, I was able to find a few waiting patiently in the lead pile. Actually, I had received them just recently in a Perry Miniatures order meant to bolster my Carlist collection (but more of that anon). These new commanders will serve well at RayCon next weekend on the shores of Lake Huron!
Two brigade commanders for Don Cabrera's Army of the Center. 

An army/division command stand for the Isabellino army.
Napoleonics has always been my first love in this hobby...and why not? Colourful uniforms, larger-than-life actors, campaigns that swept across Europe, and Sharpe...can't forget about Richard Sharpe! Over the years, I've owned a number of Napoleonic collections in various configurations and scales. All of these proved their worth but were ultimately sold off. I've been waiting for the bug to return but realized recently that I've been satisfying it all along since my last Napoleonic sell-off with my Carlist collections. This collection and genre satisfies what I've always gained from other Napoleonic projects: colour, pageantry, and personality. All the same tactics are there in Spain twenty years after Waterloo: column, line and square. The Isabellinos modelled their army after the French, and there were even British in the Peninsula again. Admittedly, there are no sweeping heavy cavalry charges in the manner of Ney or Nansouty but I'll trade that for losing the necessity of painting hordes of cuirassiers or dragoons. So, why invest time, money and effort in a new Napoleonic project? I already have one (big floppy berets notwithstanding).
Unfortunately this may call into question my much-vaunted Project in a Box concept. Until now, I've been able to keep the entire Carlist collection in one tool box but alas that is to be no more. I've already started bolstering the ranks of my Carlists and have moved them into a new box. Next up from Perry Miniatures will be more Isabellino line infantry and maybe another guard battalion. On their way from Front Rank at the moment are limbers and caissons to equip all the guns I currently have (admittedly, not many). I'm determined to keep up with the artillery paraphernalia with this project (as I am with the ImagiNations project).
Hmmmm, maybe I could add to my French Froeign Legion...Polish Lancers anyone?

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