Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WWII additions...French & British supports

I finally couldn't keep my painting gear packed away for the impending house sale and move. I pulled out enough to work at a few things and I was able to finish up some additions to my WWII collection this week. These will give both campaigns (see pages above) some added variety for support choices.

The Tommies should benefit from the dual machine gun turrets on this Ork-ish looking tank, the A9 Cruiser from Warlord Games.

And for the French, the AMC Schneider P16 half-tack armoured car from Warlord Games.
Next up for armour support, but from the talented brush of Lieutenant Dan, will be the Char B1 for the French and a PzJgr I for the Germans (both from Warlord Games).

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