Sunday, September 28, 2014

Arras 1940: Encounter 1 (The Patrol)

Encounter 1 (The Patrol) - south of Arras, May 1940
Force Morale = 11
Support = 0
Force Morale = 8
Support = 10 (1 x Dingo scout car; 1 x Universal Carrier team; 1 x regular British section)
Things started well for the Germans when a FM of 11 was rolled. Things began to unravel as soon as the Support roll was made. Zero for the Germans and 10 for Brits!! But the scenario was meant to model the surprise the British initially dumped on the Germans. The German platoon commander was also hampered by the fact that he could call on only three of his normal four sections for this encounter (although this proved to be of no real consequence). The campaign is (hopefully) set up to make it hard for the Germans in the first few encounters while allowing them to slowly get their act together and try to stop the British advance. Can't wait to see the 88mm Flak gun in Encounter 5 (if the Brits get that far).
Not much of an AAR for this game, I'm afraid. Vidal's Brits got a bit of a jump during the Patrol Phase and were able to get a Jump Off Point closer to the only building on the field (see below). Leutnant von Schoenenfeld quickly ordered forward a German section to monitor the British probes, under the watchful eye of his platoon 2IC, Feldwebel Josef Grabner. The Brits countered by dropping smoke from their 2" mortar and masking a move to the farmhouse. The Germans were powerless to oppose this move (they couldn't see it because of the smoke). To make matters worse, British armour appeared. Granted, it was a mere Dingo scout car and a Universal carrier (with Bren gun team) but the lack of any German AT abilities made this more of a problem than would seem at first glance. The Universal Carrier could sit a distance and plug away at any German infantry it might see, while remaining, for all intents, invulnerable. Small arms cannot affect armoured vehicles and the German platoon of 1940 has no integral AT weapons. Had the Germans had any support points, even a single AT rifle team might have altered the game. Alas, that was not possible.
Leutnant von Schoenenfeld, realizing his men had been caught by surprise, and without any way to counter the British armour (and with the expectation that heavier stuff was on its way), chose the prudent course and withdrew from the field.  Unfortunately, he was somewhat embarrassed by his lack of attention to enemy movements and the company commander was not particularly enamoured of his performance either. Not the best way to start, no doubt. A quick game but fun nonetheless!
  • voluntary withdrawal (loss)
  • CO's opinion - down 2 (new status = -1, no effect)
  • men's opinion - no change
  • platoon leader's outlook - down 1 (new status = retiring , -1 FM)
  • casualties - -1 rifleman for next encounter
  • victory
  • CO's opinion - up 1 (new status = +2)
  • men's opinion - up 1 (new status = +1)
  • platoon leader's outlook - up 1 (new status = affable, +1 FM)
  • casualties - -1 rifleman for next encounter

German JOPs in blue, British in red.

Civilians fleeing the German offensive.
The only German section to deploy on the table, using the woods as cover as they see how strong the British advance proves.
British scout car encounters some resistance on the road. This is Vidal's new addition to his forces, a Warlord Games Daimler scout car with crew. Very cool!
Radioing the German positions back to HQ.
The new Campaign Notebook, for in-game notes etc. Although I maintain the stats electronically for posting on the blog, it's still satisfying to use good ol' pen & paper.


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