Monday, October 6, 2014

Council Fires 2014

Made the trek to Cambridge on the weekend to attend Council Fires. A great little con that was a staple of the southern Ontario scene in the 90s and resurrected in 2012, it has been resurrected (again) by good friend Vidal Bairos.
Held at the Royal Canadian Legion hall in Preston (a component part of Cambridge), it was a relatively small event, perhaps 50-60 people. But good games nonetheless, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The hall, admittedly, was a bit old (shall we say, from the 50s?...or even earlier) and well-worn but that didn't seem to really affect anything. Gamers are used to playing in basements and garages amongst the laundry, kids toys, and dusty boxes.
I was able to walk away with the greatest deal of the day, a Warlord Fallschirmjager box for $10.00 (this retails at $47 with the current crappy exchange rate...$52 CAD). An excellent deal, no doubt! I also found several blisters of Warlord US paras quite cheap in a bits bin. These and a squad blister from J&M Miniatures will go to Daniel for his  newly-begun late war project. Oh and I guess I should confess another purchase...two blisters of Warlord Soviet Naval Infantry. If Daniel is going to do late war...then I might as well make a contribution. :) But these must wait until I finish up the 1940 Brits.
Speaking of Brits, on Saturday, on the way to Council Fires, I stopped at the mailbox and found a package from Warlord Games containing two universal carriers (with crews), a Daimler scout car, and Matilda MkI. So all in all, a great hobby weekend. And I even played in a convention game...yes, i know...hard to believe.


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