Saturday, December 27, 2014

Xmas goodies (part two)

Trekked to Trenton yesterday with the entire clan to visit the eldest brat. I was surprised to receive as a Xmas gift some terrain pieces for our impending 6mm Napoleonic project (see here). This scale is Michael's forte. This is very good since I'm rubbish at this tiny scale (we'll see when it comes to the miniatures). 

The pictures below tell the tale....

Generic European chateau and grounds. 
What can't be seen here is that the main building and the stables lift out on 60mm x 60mm sections to be replaced with brigade-sized figure stands.

Rural farm complex. 
In this one, it's easier to see the lift out sections.

A selection of small fields.
I particularly like the autumn colours. This adds some variety to the table and is sadly lacking in most of my past terrain creations.

Forest pieces with lift off canopies. 
These are quite clever and allow deployment in woods in a way that is unusual for most games.

Now I just need to get through my impending move so I can start on this project...

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