Saturday, December 27, 2014

Xmas goodies (part one)

I was able to meet up with the younger army brat and his lovely wife before Xmas. During the brunch Lieutenant Dan gifted me something expected (since I had given them to him to assemble and paint) and another completely unexpected. Although I've added the photos here, for a more comprehensive view and extensive verbiage, check out his blog Red Over Blue.

First up, two Universal Carriers to support my 1940 British platoon. These are the superb Warlord Games models. However, it must be mentioned that the crew figures are a little less spectacular than the carriers themselves...not the painting, rather the sculpting/casting. This is a fairly minor quibble when taken in the context of some superb modelling and painting. Lt Dan suggested I have one carry my FOO but I will save my Daimler Dingo MkII scout car car (also from Warlord games and also now residing in the waiting line of Lt Dan's painting queue) for this purpose.

And the unexpected...four new Jump Off Points to go with my 1940 Fallschirmjager platoon. As Lt Dan says on Red Over Blue

"My intent with these markers was not to create a perfectly scale representation of fallschirmjager weapons cannisters, but rather a simple marker using only materials I happened to having lying around in my bitz box. Therefore, you will notice that the design specifications of these markers does not hold up to much scrutiny from a “count the rivets” sort of analysis, but I am happy with the overall result. From arms length these markers create the right impression and I believe the techniques used in this guide can be adapted to other projects."

These will look fantastic on the table (once my FJs are ready!). For a guide to the construction of the parachutes, see here. Very clever...

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