Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Command Centre...and more

So, I've finally moved into my new place and finished the gargantuan chore of unpacking my gaming paraphernalia. First things first... a new work desk set-up. I have less space than before but adequate nonetheless.

The new command centre.

And I made the trek to Trenton again last weekend to get in a couple of Chain of Command games with Michael. We opted this time for German v. French to give me an opportunity to try out some of my new French armour. Rather than a straight up AAR, a few of photos from the second game below. Let's leave the AAR as two resounding German victories! (oh, and pre-game barrages are a bitch!)....'nuff

The table set-up, showing off just a portion of the new Crescent Root Studios complex this time. 

French 25mm AT gun entrenched and backed up by the AMC Schneider P16 half-track armoured car. A neat-looking little bit of kit but the jury is still out on its usefulness. The game was effectively over for the French by the time it came on the table. But it does look good regardless.

German infantry occupying the new (and awesome) Crescent Root Studios  complex.

The last 12 months or so has seen me gaming Chain of Command WWII exclusively. The only time I remember pushing any colour around the table was a couple of weeks ago at Vidal's when we pulled out my Carlist Wars collection for a play-test of the upcoming TFL Napoleonic's very hush-hush (unfortunately no pics of that one but more of the play-test anon). Painting (such as it's been) and most planning has followed the same pattern. This is not a bad thing, I might add, but I am hankering for some more colour. The Senegalese figures (for my 1940 French) with red fezzes on Daniel's painting desk notwithstanding, I think I may be pulling out the ImagiNations soon.

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