Tuesday, December 30, 2014

1940 goodness with Crescent Root Studios

Spent the day in Trenton playing some Chain of Command with Michael & Phil (the latter recently back from the wastes of Manitoba and soon to be back at his permanent posting in Gagetown, new Brunswick). Besides an opportunity to see Phil again (ok, and Michael), I was able to put on the table my Xmas gift to myself, the Cresecnt Root Studios Series 2 complex. This is a beautiful model but will require some additional work (to be chronicled at a later date). We set up an attack/defend scenario with my new British platoon defending the complex and surrounding buildings against a German Wermacht platoon. Rather than a full AAR, a collection of photos from the game below...
Aerial view of the table with the new Crescent Root buildings at the top. The British defended the top board edge and the Germans attacked from the opposite side.
A look down the main thoroughfare.
 A better view of the new buildings.
A view of the rail line running behind...more eye-candy than anything else.
French civilians trundle past before the shooting starts.

A German section befuddled by smoke laid by the British 2" mortar.
A Vickers MMG and British section deploy to lay fire on the Hun.
A German StugIII moves down the main road, ready to lay waste to the British defenders (but the laying of waste was not to be...German Force Morale plummeted soon after and the Hun scuttled ignominiously from the field).

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  1. I have been eyeing one of those Crescent Root factories and am very interested in reading your review of the item.